Do you read books for yourself or for others?

July 16, 2012 10:34pm CST
Books read not only for yourself but also others. Why? For youself, you read, you adsorb, you learn, you apply, you gain, you recover, you live. For others, you read and influence and they use and apply and gain and recover and live. Books for everyone. Read a book and spread wide and help the world. Read a page if you cannot read a book Read a sentence if you cannot read a page Read a word if you cannot read a page Read a letter if you cannot read a word When you can read a letter, learn to read a word, When you can read a word, learn to read a sentence, When you can read a sentence, learn to read a page, When you can read a page, learn to read a book. Books are afterall good Why stay away from books? Don't give excuses to books. Choose your favourite book and start reading If you don't know how to choose a book, ask a friend, ask an aquaintance, flip some newspaper or magazines or even ask the librarian. Books broaden your knowledge, See further and wider and become wiser and knowledgable. Read books to understand the world Read books to understand yourself Read books to overcome worries Read books for your family Read books for your partner Read books to stay connected and united Read books to help, to save, to destroy The goods will come And the bad will go If you have no patience in reading Seek help Ask someone Seek advice Believe the unbelieveables Seek the trustable Seek God
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@kapil11 (247)
• India
17 Jul 12
Wow... you really type that ah, no copy paste at all. Well congrats and its amazing.
• Singapore
17 Jul 12
you can too! Hee! Praise God.
• Philippines
17 Jul 12
Wow! Thanks for that inspiring post and poem that triggered my love for books. Yes, i definitely love books and i think we should all read self-help books and not just fictional. It helps you grow, learn, gain, recover, and live much faster. Anyway, i like your poem. Cheers!
• Singapore
17 Jul 12
@bluesea3 (167)
• Indonesia
20 Feb 13
i see some confusing words. what do you mean about reading? Just read a book, or reading life? You wrote about seeking God, what do you mean about that?