Pray and Let God Worry

July 17, 2012 12:44am CST
Do you feel love? Do you feel very love? Then why worry? If we have a Father who has a Heavenly estate, whose mere Word creates heaven and earth. Who takes care of all living creatures throughout history, and we are His Beloved children and we know that our Father has loved us then why worry? Prayer is a Gift of every Christian. It is a Spiritual form of Communication between you and GOD as the source of all Grace and Mercy. So friends, do not worry only believe. Remember pain is never permanent. Pray, as an ever ready recourse, and GOD will firmly provide in everything you need.
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• Jacksonville, Florida
19 Jul 12
I agree that God will get us through the tough times but sometimes that is easy to forget when we are going through struggles. I know if God takes care of the birds He will take care of me even more but at the really hard times in my life it is hard to remember that...Sometimes we need little reminders like this discussion so thank you! =)
• Philippines
23 Jul 12
That is why JESUS told us in the Gospel of Matthew that we only need to have faith like a mustard seed. It shows that when we face trials and difficulties, we tend to forget the Promises of God written in the Holy Bible. But because of God's unconditional love, He remains in us always to carry us in love.
@else22 (4319)
• India
17 Jul 12
I agree with you.Your prayer to Him is true only if it relieves you of all your stress and worries.While praying to God you put all your worries before Him and ask for His help.If your prayer comes out of your heart,it can never remain unanswered.God promptly listens to it and answers it.While praying to God,you actually put all your burdens before Him and He then handles your worries.If you truly surrender all your worries to Him,then there is no reason for you to worry.It is then God who worries for you.You are absolutely right. By the way,WELCOME TO MYLOT.
• Philippines
17 Jul 12
Yes I feel being loved by people around me, my family and friends also those people in our community even they don't know me personally, by respecting me and I respect and love them also. But I'm being love so much by God. Why? Because what ever I do in life he is with me, wrong or right the things I do in life he is with me to guide me and to remind me that in life pain is never permanent. Because as long as we feel pain meaning we are a live and we experience the hands of GOD working in us.