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July 17, 2012 5:34am CST
Last week I was very ill, and called in sick on a Monday to work. I had very bad stomach pains and had been vomiting. Well one of my boss’ is quite strict when it comes to time off, so on the Tuesday when I still didn’t feel well I wasn’t sure as to whether to call in sick again, or try and suffer through the day! He has told me on numerous occasions that if I’m sick that’s fine but at least TRY and come into work, try and worth through it, and if I am really not well he will send me home. So I thought, ok ill get ready, get a taxi and not walk, and try and get through the day. And do you know what happened? My OTHER boss called me into his office and told me I wasn’t fit for work, and I couldn’t sit at reception all day looking so unwell and unhappy and sent me home! And when I explained I was sick and only came in because of what my other boss said, he told me to ignore him. It just proves it.. you can’t win!! What do you think of this?
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@Raine38 (9193)
• United States
17 Jul 12
This is a case of the classic d*mn if you did, d*mn if you don't. As much as we want to be able to please our bosses, sad thing is we can't. What works for one doesn't work for the other. I know it's too much of a hassle if you have to make a "show" to the other boss every time you get sick just to work within his/her parameters. I have a friend who had a somewhat similar experience; it was the monsoon season here and it has been raining for a week. Unfortunately, her place got flooded and the water hasn't subsided yet for 3 days. Her boss demanded that she even try to make it to work. She just can't understand that her place is not passable at all. In her frustration, she took a video of her place with raging waters complete with a link from a local newspaper online about the condition of the streets all over the region. Suffice to say that shut her boss up. :)
19 Jul 12
See what I mean! Your friend got it too. It's nuts! They want me to come in to "prove" I'm sick, taking time and energy away from me taht could be used for getting better, only to send me home anyway. And not just send me home, actually scold me for even coming in in the first place! Don't bosses realise that people need to work, they need money, and if we could get to work to make money we would be there? I'm sorry about your friend, I hope she got her home sorted!
19 Jul 12
hahahaha video log! thats fantastic! so your friend is famous where she works? well every cloud has a silver linning lol and that joke is directed to poke fun at the boss more than your friend lol I think her idea was a fantastic one! I think some bosses just like the sound of their own voice, and like to throw their authority around. I think all bosses were dorks and were bullied in school and now have to bully other people lol!
@anklesmash (1416)
17 Jul 12
If your ill your ill and shouldn't go to work.It's in nobody's interest for you to be ill at work including your bosses.If you go to work ill you may spread your germs so your colleagues may be off ill.You will also be less productive and if you were at home you would recover quicker so your boss would get you back working at your best a lot quicker than if you struggled into work.
19 Jul 12
Thats what I thought, but here they make you "try" to come in.. just in case you feel a little sick in the morning, but would feel fine in a few hours, rather than taking the whole day off. So I came in to give it a "try" as they asked, and then got told off for coming in.. can't win!
@Olleenz (3400)
• Indonesia
17 Jul 12
I can understand your boss think. They want their employee to do their job. Problems is many employees are lazy and liar. A lot of them want skip job to do something else but didn't want get any punishment. You stuck between lazy employee and your employer. Your boss need some kind of proof that you really sick, not lied like everyone else. It can be letters from doctor or see it by them self.
19 Jul 12
That's the whole point though! I phoned in sick on the monday, so maybe he thought I was lying, so I came in on the Tuesday to SHOW him I was sick, and prove I wasn't lying, and not only did he send me home because I was "too sick" to be in work, he also told me off for even coming in! So what was the point in proving to him I was sick if he was just going to be mean to me for coming in to prove it?
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@fencer07 (98)
23 Jul 12
I have a weak immune system, so I get sick very easily. Therefore, I probably get someone to cover my shifts or on occasion call out more often than other employees. As long as I present a doctor's note when I return to work, my employer does not have a problem with me not physically being at the office. However, if possible, I would still try to get some work done at home. I do not see how an employer can give you a hard time if you are sick enough that your doctor prohibits you from going to work.
@asdomencil (4276)
• Philippines
23 Jul 12
Sometimes, having two bosses at the same time in the same office is hard to deal. The other will say this while the other will say the other way around. Perhaps, what you can do is to ask which of them should be the one you will follow so that in case you got sick again (crossing fingers not to happen), you know who are you going to talk to and tell your situation.