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July 17, 2012 9:16am CST
Bakerzin is a good place to eat cakes. Prima Deli too! Cakes look and taste delicious! I was once offered a cake from a friend. I told them not to buy cake for me on my birthday and yet they buy for me, I am angry at the deepest side of me.I just don't like cakes on my birthday, other than my family who buy it for me. I am one, similar to some people, who do not celebrate birthday at all. Because I am pandan. These people are so mature thinking, don't they ever heard such stories or rumour at all meh? I buy cakes, I buy cakes most of the times and eat them happily too. But not on birthday! Friends, if you read this, get it deep into your mind, and show me the respect I should have!All the thanks to your cake! Hack care about your best wishes or what or so! I only celebrate birthday with my family members and not even friends. Remember this deeply. I am able to buy cake on my own. I have the money too. No matter how expensive it is, I would spend the most money on the best cakes! Don't you look down on me! If you are protected by all means, I don't care who or who, you better leave me alone and show me respect! Deep inside me, I love cakes because just look at the wedding, just look at the happy occasions, everyone likes cakes. I would eat them too, all right from the most bottomest heart of mine.Because simply they are delicious! Praise God! Praise God!
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@ranger07 (555)
20 Jul 12
I have never heard of it before. I would love to try it. sounds Delicious!
• Singapore
9 Nov 12
now you heard of it.