the top 6 work alone jobs

working alone - Working alone that requires huge amount of focus
July 17, 2012 1:15pm CST
There are several job in this world that whoever is doing it, it is best to leave him or her alone most of the time. These jobs require 100% focus to avoid mistakes as these mistakes could end up cost a lot and big mess. These are the well known list of jobs 1. Accountant - as you need to make sure every numbers, debit, credits and column be filled with the correct amount as to avoid problems in the future. Wrong information in the account statement could produce wrong decisions by organisation owners. 2. Technical Write - as a technical writer it is best that one be left alone to ensure that he or she could produce the best ever article. Focus must be high to ensure quality and properly written articles. 3. Graphic designer - a graphic designer produce the best graphic when he or she is left alone thinking or imagining the required specification for the particular design. It is when one is alone their most creative mind can go at work. 4. Software developer - i used to study computer science, and writing programmes is really one of my weakest point in college. it requires focus as a simple programme such as ms paint or even the simple calculator requires pages and pages of complicated programming. 5. Medical labotary assistant - he or she who works as a medical labotary asistant are requird to do various task such as collect samples, body fluids and tissues and it is best to be left alone when doing such task in order to avoid huge mistakes that may cost lives. 6. Information security analyst - this is someone who loves to remain behind the scene. this are the people who helps organisation protect themselves from possible hackers. It might sound weird to say all these jobs are work alone jobs. Of course no one can work alone. There will be time when a person will be required to work with someone. This normally happens in the discussion stage where information and feedbacks from various sources are important.
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@freymind (1352)
• Philippines
19 Jul 12
I think there's a lot of people who likes working alone. I sometimes find myself more satisfied when I'm not bothered while doing my work at home or just doing MyLot. My hubby also likes working alone though we miss our work in the callcenter since there's a lot of people, nothing beats working on your own and having the quiet time.
@ranger07 (555)
19 Jul 12
Wow. That is quite a list. I work with all kinds of websites daily online.