help my laptop is sick...

@missjahn (4578)
July 17, 2012 8:34pm CST
oh gosh, another tragedy i seems to care because my only treasure has a defect on its pointing pad. it is still moving but when you click it to open a certain button or a list, it will not enter and just perform nothing. i am being alert because laptop is very sensitive thing. it could make me cry. i do not know who is to blame upon this because my classmate borrowed it and then i was gone for two two nights a day, when i came back, i encounter this disgrace. gosh, what shall i do? ;( i am using a mouse now. gee, i tried to be generous but then what is this, my laptop is now broken.. shucks, if you are borrowing something, could you please give an extra care for what you borrowed as if it is yours. huhuh
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@ranger07 (555)
19 Jul 12
I would never let them borrow it again. I wander if the keypad may be stuck?