HOW to STOP Smoking?

July 18, 2012 9:36am CST
Most of the teenagers smokes packs of packs of cigars.Though even it really affects our health a lot many still continue doing this. How do we STOP smoking? I've got this... DON'T STOP SMOKING RIGHT AWAY. It will never help, you will just end up smoking again. I suggest you smoke in a minimal amount. I mean, if you smoke 15 sticks per day, reduce it to 12 sticks per day in the next week, then 10 to the next,then 10,8 until you totally STOP smoking... BREATHING. Others also suggest that when you have the urge to smoke, make it to a point to first you have to breathe deeply for 5 minutes. But more on exhalation---the whole air should be thrown out. do this before each cigars. But all of this impossible without self-discipline. It maybe difficult at first to do it, only if you will start it within yourself... :)
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• India
18 Jul 12
Stop smoking is very easy if you control your mind and never think about the past and futrue.
@ranger07 (555)
18 Jul 12
Very true if you commit to actually stop smoking for good.
@ranger07 (555)
18 Jul 12
I think that may work for a lot of people but they have to be willing and ready to REALLY stop smoking or they never will.
@youless (93703)
• Guangzhou, China
26 Jul 12
My dad was a heavy smoker before and I would like to share his experience to quit smoking. At that time when he felt like smoking, he would go to do the housework immediately, such as mopping the floor. So he would not focus on smoking when he did something else. When he insisted in doing so for a month, he had no more strong feeling to smoke already. After that, he got rid of smoking totally. I hope it would work for you. Good luck! I love China