how to alleviate PAIN?

July 18, 2012 7:30pm CST
How do you manage when your in pain? What are the activities do you do to decrease it? Do you take pain medication to relieve it? I've learn that there is a non surgical procedure which helps you relief your pain that you feel. Do you here Chiropractic Care? It is the fastest growing form of health care in the world. the treatment are based on practical easy to understand which allows your body to begin the healing process from the inside out. There is a Licensed Chiropractic who is the one do the treatment. Common conditions tat can be treated is headache, back pain, high blood pressure, colic, jaw pain, stiffness, chest pain, any pains in the body, scoliosis, vertebral subluxation..and so on.. You?did you know this treatment care?how do you relief you pain?
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• China
19 Jul 12
Usually I relieve my pain through some medicine,according to your information,may be the Chiropractic can help but it is expensive?And can it to effect a permanent cure?This is very important cause if it is espensive and just relieve the pain for a while,that will not make sense.
• Philippines
20 Jul 12
Yes. it really helps us a lot and it is very affordable. We have a chiropractic Care in our country. :) I think it relieve the pain permanently, thus, it depends on the chiropractor on what treatment should he used. The chiropractor examine you case to determine which maneuvers, and therapy should be provide. He will examine the status of you joints, examine the tones of the muscles then balance the relationship between the nerve, muscle and joints... I have been to chiropractic clinic and it really helps me a lot because I have this unknown cause headache. I just couldn't experienced it after I had adjustments done by the chiropractor.. ;)
@monkmano (586)
• Canada
19 Jul 12
i take tylenol everyday, but i think i should consider taking less of it. i have migraines but right now i have to fix my bed so my mattress is on the floor and i am really sore from this -- its too hard down here! so i think i need something else, my mother gave me a quick massage on my neck, i think it was shiatsu (sp?) style. it was applying pressure and heat and it was soo helpful with pain. so if you can find a massage it can help not only with stress but physical pain. i think for me a chiropractor would be great, but i would have to know it would be covered under medical. are chiropractors now recognized as medical professionals under insurance in most places? i like the idea of helping with high blood pressure too, i am borderline for that and dont ever want to start meds.
• Philippines
19 Jul 12
Totally everyday?I suggest you really lessen taking synthetic medications since it really have the side effect we never know know your dependent on that medication already. And too much take of any synthetic medications can cause liver damage. have you been to your family doctor? just to check how severity is you migraine is.? It is too painful,I have a friend also that same as yours, suffering from migraine. Chiropractor are also doctors. They study the systems of a human body. Try to look for a chiropractic care in your country to check how it really helps you a lot... ;)