Bleach ending

July 19, 2012 3:10am CST
Bleach should have ended like this instead ichigo regaining his powers he must haveth been given the position of head captain as he defeated aizen with final Getsuga Tensho.And head captain found it difficult to deal with Arancars.How do you think it should have ended?
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• United States
31 Aug 12
Bleach should have ended when Aizen was defeated and I do think that Tite Kubo is just keeping the story going to make money.
@shaqziad (655)
• Malaysia
27 Sep 12
I agreed with you.
@shaqziad (655)
• Malaysia
27 Sep 12
But we know how ichigo would react if yama-jii give him a captain position. he'll surely decline. he still love his teen, human real world.
@isaax190 (70)
• Philippines
31 Jul 12
The ending was just right so that he would get it back in the next arc which is the fullbring arc...
@rodnac (187)
• Australia
25 Jul 12
Somehow it should have ended with the defeat of Aizen.
@ranger07 (555)
19 Jul 12
I'm not really sure. I am undecided.