could you REALLY do this, 5 celebrities you're allowed to sleep with

@monkmano (586)
July 19, 2012 4:05am CST
so if you have never heard, sometimes people joke with one another that oh your significant other may be allowed to sleep with this list of 5 celebrities if they ever get the chance. i suppose these celebrities are to be so impossible to ever even meet, but imagine just imagine if it were to happen. that your husband came home and told you he slept with angelina jolie.. nevermind the circumstance nothing is impossible right? would you go through with it? sleep with one of the celebs or forgive/let your significant other? or is it just a silly game to everyone? are there those who would act on it though or some who may be dimwitted to think it wouldnt hurt their wives or husbands? this is just it what if some people go through with it! it seems impossible enough but what if? what of the consequences? have you ever played this game, and if so who is on your list?
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• Philippines
19 Jul 12
I am not married yet, but someday If I would be with someone, these are the 5 celebrities I would choose. 1. Shia Lebouf 2. Leonardo De Carpio ( when he was still young -- when he still looks like in titanic) 3. Bradd Pitt 4. Coco Martin ( a filipino, talented actor) 5. Mario Maurer ( so handsome) I still have a lot in my list but this 5. There is nothing wrong to imagine right ? :D But, if my husband in the future with another woman, even though who she is, even though a celebrity, or a rich person I won't forgive me. Once a vowed in declared, He should be mine, only mine. And I would also be hers. :D