How to not get scammed on Ptc Business :)

July 20, 2012 3:45am CST
There will be some rules which will help you how to not get scammed on PTC business! List: 1. Don't invest in New Bux-host sites! Why? Because bux-host site cost only 20$ and the admins just want to get some profit and leave the site away! 2. Never use sites like that - 200% upgrade bonus! 300% ref back! 0.05$ per click(standart) That sites is totally bullsh*t! I don't recommend to join like that! 3. 0.25$ per day with no refs - That site turns into scams easy if they have only 2$ min payout! Some sites like wizardbux had 0.22$ per day earning with no refs but turned into 0.04$ per day with no refs and 5$ min cashout! 4.Never trust that sites where you can get more then advertisers pays! It's totally sh*t! 5. Sites with payment pending's (Which takes a lot time) Don't trust sites where people won't get they money because it's pending for long time or canceled! If you see that site leave it and never comeback again! 6. Sites with no Forum! Some sites have no forum and still pays , but its much better to stay with sites where you can discuss about payments and problems... So that's my list! I think it will help you to avoid some scam :) Good Luck!
2 responses
• India
21 Jul 12
Nice information.Thanks for posting such a nice post.
• Lithuania
22 Jul 12
Thanks For Good Words :)
• United States
24 Aug 12
I never invest in sites because I don't want to lose money. If something goes scam, all I lost was my time, and that doesn't bother me at all.