Help! Need a new ball!

My Training Soccer Ball - Here's my soccer ball for training.... It's old, ugly and it gets flat already.. 

I want to buy a new one and I want to ask you guys this... What ball should I get? Do you know which ball is good for training at home... It should be a little hard skinned because if it's soft than it will easily get holes.. And please not so expensive. :)

So.. please help me by suggesting.
@Olonam (870)
July 20, 2012 1:42pm CST
So guys... I'm not yet sure how this photo thing on Mylot works.. But if you can see that ball down there.. or wherever it is... that's my current training ball. It's already flat and ugly and i'm going to get a new one.. Do you guys have any suggestions for a ball that's not easy to get flat if it hits hard on a stone.. I have many stones on my garden so my ball always gets scratched. My ball down there is already flat because it got hit hard on the stones.. Also.. please suggest a ball that's not too expensive... Just a little cheap maybe but hard skinned. Because if it's a very nice ball it will be hard to use it because it's sooo special... Anyway the ball I'm asking for it just for training at home so I don't really need a very nice one.. So... Please suggest a ball for me.. Thanks!
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@ajk111 (2527)
20 Jul 12
I use a good ball but i do not know what type it is. It is round if that helps. Perhaps you could use a melon or make a ball from sellotape.
@Olonam (870)
• Philippines
20 Jul 12
Hahah! seriously? I think the melon will be eaten before I go out for practice! hahaha. But yeah.... What's the brand of your ball?
@jkct02 (2859)
• Malaysia
22 Jul 12
I think you should ask about the size, not the brand :)
24 Jul 12
I am sure that all balls will get flat and scratched if played on stone. Why don't you go and play on grass then your ball will last longer ?
@sjlskl (3384)
• Singapore
23 Jul 12
I ain't particular with the ball as long as it is not there is "cushion" wrapping it. I have tried using a rubber ball and boy is it hard. My feet hurts if I kick it too hard and heading is a nightmare.
@doronk69 (91)
• Israel
22 Jul 12
Hi man, you can always use "Mikasa" I have one that I play with 4 times a week for the last year and it's still looks new.