Which Laptop to choose for working with graphics?

My once beloved and faithful friend - oh look... where's the keyboard?
@Olonam (870)
July 20, 2012 5:08pm CST
Last year I bought an Asus K40AD laptop. I didn't really think wisely before I bought it. It was sort of a rush-buy. I needed a laptop and I needed it quickly so I purchased the first laptop I laid eyes on - BAD IDEA. A few months later I started noticing that the fan wasn't operating very well. It would run very slowly at first power-up then after I would restart it, the fan would go all out - full blast. I didn't really care about that until my laptop would start to over-head and shut down by itself. I brought it to the Asus shop and asked them to repair it if it had any problems(still under warranty at this time. So no cash out on my part ;)). They said that the lousy operation of the fan was due to dust and dirt caught up in the fan and that they cleaned it out and that everything would be alright. THEY LIED (not really). Exactly on the day my warranty expired, my laptop decided to shut down and NEVER TURN ON AGAIN. To make a long and depressing story short, I was laptopless for about a month when one day I FORCED it to turn on. I used my SUPER GENIUS POWERS(kept hitting the power button) to finally get it to work. I thought I had saved the world! I thought all my troubles were finally over! I could now live happily ever after! WRONG. After using it for a few hours it decided to shut down again - and again - and again - and for 6 months up to this very day that I write this post on my sister's laptop because my laptop once again decided not to show any love to me at all it still shuts down. I tried torturing, murdering, butchering, etc-ing it, but it never lived normally again. Problem after problem started popping up (yes shutting down was not the only problem anymore). To respect my once faithful and beloved friend and companion, I, from this sentence on, have decide not to speak of the faults and failures of my laptop. So, in other news.. Which laptop to choose this time? I'm not gonna spend money on something that's not gonna last me more than 2 years. I'm looking for something that's not toooooo expensive - I've always loved the looks of MACs.. and they say they perform perfectly too.... but $$$$$! so yeah.. - A laptop where I can do all sorts of graphic stuff like Photoshop, After Effects, etc. Respond to this discussion telling me what laptop I should pick.
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• India
14 Nov 12
I think you can go for alienware from dell.It is made for extreme performance
• Saudi Arabia
14 Nov 12
Seems like you treat it as a pet. Cheers........
@yiart65 (146)
• Singapore
21 Jul 12
If you want to do graphic stuffs, the best would be a MAC, but yea, $$$$$$$! :( But try to think of it, spend $$$$ on a MAC now can save you a lot more trouble of trying to get another laptop soon (if they are not performing as well as you thought it should). But, if you really don't want a MAC, maybe you can try Lenovo? I'm using lenovo now and it works perfectly fine for me. Doesn't lag even when I'm using MAYA! yay! Btw, what is your budget?
@shaqziad (655)
• Malaysia
20 Jul 12
How about a Compac of Dell laptop? I think the price is affordable. I own a Compac laptop, with AMD processor. AMD works best with graphic material such as cartoon maker, games and videos. But some models have the same problem like you, it shut down often because it overheat. So i think finding a laptop with AMD processor is a good choice.