I Won't Give Up

@kiyumi (62)
July 20, 2012 9:06pm CST
Even the skies get rough, and I feel low but i know I'm gonna happy someday. I want to cry but I need to firm and strong, my tears started run over my nasocrimal duct. God help us! Help me Oh! Lord. You are my saviour. Guide all our way. I want to write to express something. It's hard enough to express to someone else. For only YOU who comforted me. I thought I'd already recovered but I'm wrong and still remember him. When I stared blankly thinking and hoping that you still alive. I missed you a lot. My heart felt so melancholy for I'm missing you a lot! I want to run to the room or any private places where I can shout and express my feelings freely with no one can see me as my tears running over my face. I don't wanna let them see me crying. I need to be strong for them. It's you Oh! Lord who can really help me, us! As what most people said that " every happenings in life have its reason" . God give problems, trials to test each one of us. And help us to make strong. And for all of this , I will never give up ! I can ! And I thanks God for all.
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• Philippines
24 Jul 12
That's the spirit. The determination to never give up is given by God through inspiration and motivation. Cheers for a never give up attitude. :D