DEPRESSION part of PREMENSTRUAL SYNDROME. Who else are experiencing this?

July 21, 2012 10:51pm CST
I have noticed recently that I am experiencing some emotional problems every month. There would always come a time every month that I suddenly feel very lonely, alone and hopeless for more than a week. It is an emotion that I cannot control even though I try so hard to divert my attention. Whenever it happens I always feel like wanting to die. It became more severe when I experienced my very first heartbreak. It also affects my work, because during this phase, I always feel like doing nothing. I just wanted to stay inside my room without knowing what exactly I would like to do. It is very hard. I always get worried when I know that my menstruation is coming, because it usually occurs a week before my period. I'm trying to do something that could prevent or lessen the symptoms, especially depression so for now I stopped drinking coffee.
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• Philippines
2 Sep 12
Hi itsmechelle! Depression is a result of our monthly hormonal imbalances. However, it shouldn't linger that long. maybe your feeding too much negative thoughts on your mind. You need to understand that it is not healthy to have morbid thoughts. I should say that it is actually an evil whispering in your head to kill yourself. Do not ever give in to that thought.Pray to Jesus to help you overcome your depression. Learn to think about happy thoughts. It's a lie when you say that you can't control it. I guess you haven't tried to control it yet. You can talk to friends to share your thoughts so that you don't keep things to yourself. That would be a great help to you. Also there are foods to boost your mood like Bananas, dark chocolates. Don't get scared if your menstruation is about to start, Don't focus on your depression. Be happy always!
• Liechtenstein
1 Aug 12
I only felt tired and nothing else? I never get depressed when I know when my menstruation is coming I only get a desire to sleep long hours in bed. (Maybe I'm too happy or too emotionless to be depressed)
@GemmaR (8526)
22 Jul 12
It is very normal for people to feel like this at certain times of the month, and I am also one of the unlucky people who have to put up with it. I have thought of a lot of things that make me feel better, including listening to music or having a bath. I also find that keeping myself busy helps a lot, as I don't have the time then to be thinking about the things that are making me unhappy. It is only for a couple of days of the month, so it isn't too bad if you think about it, it's unlucky but it's just something that happens as a woman.
@Raine38 (9195)
• United States
22 Jul 12
I have mood swings occasionally before my period; it doesn't happen monthly. But I never experienced to be depressed that way. When I'm PMS-ing, my husband is usually the receiving end of all my moods; good thing he's very patient with me and he never takes me seriously during these period.
@joliefille (3696)
• Philippines
22 Jul 12
I don't really notice being stricken by depression before I have period every month. I do remember craving for sweets often though prior to my expected date when my period would come! I guess women exhibit different symptoms. I've also read that premenstrual symptoms often mimick early pregnancy symptoms too.