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July 22, 2012 7:33am CST
I've been wanting to be a good writer but I know I'm still lacking and that I have to work on so many things prior to that. A friend of mine, who used to blog, inspires me to write. I used to read her writings because I find the content of her articles stimulating and I get really motivated to produce outputs as good as hers. I am really envious of those people who get to write well. When I say well, it means with correct grammar, with variety of words and with appropriate meaning, with profound thoughts and with a definite style. I'm quite resentful that I get to realize that only now and I find it pretty late. Nevertheless, I really am serious to improve my writing skill whatever it takes. That's why I am knocking at your doors my dear lotters, asking for some pieces of advice as to how I could achieve my goal. Better if you could provide concrete examples or step by step process of the most effective ways you've done which led you into becoming a good writer. Your time and responses would really mean so much to me. God bless you!
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@grkelly (1216)
• Malta
26 Aug 12
The advice I can give you is to keep trying. If you have the will then there is a way. With writing practice makes perfect - so do try to take up writing jobs and take them seriously so as to improve your writing skills. I consider writing as a work of art. You are delivering a message and expressing yourself. So you need to do your best at every little piece of writing you do. If the language skills are the problem you could take classes to improve grammar, spelling and so on. There are easy tools you can use to improve too. Spell checking and Word's synonyms tool are very helpful. And remember - never give up. Just consider each writing job as a way of improving.
@Daisy_22 (1230)
• Philippines
22 Jul 12
Becoming a good witer needs a lot of things to be done.well we also have the same purpose in joining my lot,to improve and enhance our English skills especially in writing.However no one is perfect eventhough we urge to be.For me the best wrte ups are those kinds which really came from the heart that might give connection to the readers.
• India
22 Jul 12
Reading your post I would not at all say you not good in writing. But yes as you mentioned in your post, perfection is something we all desire to achieve. I am also on the same boat as you. What I have experienced is real improvement in every field concerning English when you listen more. I am a big fan of cricket and I get to listen a number of commentators. It really helped me and it really helps. I would suggest you to take up something of your interest. Reading also does improve but I do not find it very much interesting. Also spend your time on mylot, it will help you get along with people of different nations and going through a variety of words. Good luck