Have you ever had a metal plate in your body, then had it removed?

@Kojigirl (188)
July 22, 2012 2:29pm CST
A couple of years ago I broke my leg, bad enough to need a metal plate and ten screws to fix the tibia. The doctor at the time said that I'd need to have the plate out, but because my husband is so unwell I haven't been able to get in to have it done. The leg hurts a lot of the time, and I'm wondering if having the plate out would help with the pain at all. Have any of you been in this kind of a situation? Did you have a plate out, and did it help with the pain at all?
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@uautkarsh (414)
• India
23 Jul 12
My grandfather had a metal rod kind of a thing.. He got it removed recently because his leg used to hurt a lot.. The doctor recommended him to get a metal rod which was very light, though he preferred without it.. :)
@stealthy (8188)
• United States
22 Jul 12
I dated a girl way back when I was in graduate school who had been in a car and was thrown something like a hundred yards out of the car. She broke her back and they put a rod in along her spine. By the time I knew her, they had taken it out. I assume that it had healed and for everything to work right and to have the proper flexibility that was the reason. I don't remember her saying anything about about wanting it out because of pain.
@anklesmash (1416)
22 Jul 12
I have two screws in my tibia and a metal plate on my fibia from when i broke my ankle.I fractured botth bones and i dislocated the ankle the tibia came out of its joint in the ankle.I was told when i had the surgery that the metal would stay in for the rest of my life unless it caused me any trouble.My ankle still hurts every so often especially if i have used it a lot but some pain i normal when you have had a serios break.Though if you are in quite a lot of pain i would get a doctor to look at it as screws etc can cause problems and do in some cases need to be removed.If i was you and was worried that the metal in my leg was causing me pain i would speak to a doctor as i would worry what damage it was causing.