What is better....?

South Africa
July 23, 2012 4:50am CST
What is better, to care about others and always put them first ahead of yourself and land up with nothing but a clear heart and conscious, or to actually put yourself first and actually have something to show at the end of the day? I've spend most of my life worrying more about others and their happiness and needs and constantly put myself last of the list. Well now because of exactly that I'm on my way to being homeless by the end of the year. Maybe it's time to stop caring... ?
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@Raine38 (9195)
• United States
23 Jul 12
Not really stop caring, but also giving yourself something as well. In whatever you do, always leave something for yourself. Don't give all your love to a guy; leave some for yourself. Don't give all your time to your employer; leave some for yourself. Don't give all your savings to a friend in need; leave some for yourself. I also believe that you have to care for yourself first, for how can you expect to care for others if you cannot even do so for your very own self?
@toyota4k (1212)
• Philippines
23 Jul 12
You should tend for yourself first of all for how could you help others if you lack the resources. We should work hard but look after our own well being and health so as to be able to do great things for others.
@nia1023 (134)
23 Jul 12
i think there should be a balance. You should never forget about yourself. It's not a bad thing to think about yourself but you shouldnt step on others.