Is work a blessing or a burden?

July 23, 2012 6:07am CST
When I was in elementary my teacher asked me; Sophia why do you like to study? Why do you like to finish a degree in university? as a simple child I said, because I want to be knowledgeable and I want to share my knowledge to other people.But when I reached in high school my perspective towards education change, I said I want to study and finish in university so I can have a good work. Then when I reached to university I realized that the reason for studying is for survival. When I'm in my 3rd year in university I am eager and excited to have my own job/work ( can you feel the feeling? :) ). By the grace of God, I graduated in university and became a professional and passed the exam. Then God provided me a job. In my first work I really feel blessed not of my employer but for God's provision to me. I had a "not so good employer" and because of my employers attitude the passion to work and report in the office is gradually fading away. Everyday is a tiresome day for me, I feel that facing my employer is a bad day for me. Until I decided to quit my job, before losing all the love for it. I keep on thinking if that work of mine is a blessing or not. Then when I had my 2nd company (my second job) that until now I'm still working I can really say that it's a blessing for I learned a lot of things. How about you? do you sometimes feel your work is a blessing to you or a burden to you?
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@Daisy_22 (1230)
• Philippines
23 Jul 12
Having your job is always a great blessing for you.However a job becomes a burden if your not happy of what your doing.
@Graceekwenx (3163)
• Philippines
23 Jul 12
Definitely a blessing. It is how i am able to put food on the table for my family.
@Raine38 (9195)
• United States
23 Jul 12
Work is what we make of it; it's a mind set that's entirely of our own choosing. If we think that work is nothing but a jail, a restricting responsibility to do things that we hate to do, and the only reason why we stay and suck it up is to have a paycheck by the end of the month well yes, it is more of a burden. But when we see work as our livelihood, a means to spread our professional contact, some training ground for something bigger that we have been aiming for ourselves, and our means for financial freedom, and the reason why we have food in our table, well we can see work as a blessing.
@doronk69 (91)
• Israel
23 Jul 12
That really depends.. I mean if you work in something you love to do with good people then it's a blessing but if you work with harsh people and/or not job that you like then it's a burden. I always dreamed about being soccer player or just free person. As of now, I'm both and I really enjoy it=]