Is work a blessing or a burden?

July 23, 2012 6:07am CST
When I was in elementary my teacher asked me; Sophia why do you like to study? Why do you like to finish a degree in university? as a simple child I said, because I want to be knowledgeable and I want to share my knowledge to other people.But when I reached in high school my perspective towards education change, I said I want to study and finish in university so I can have a good work. Then when I reached to university I realized that the reason for studying is for survival. When I'm in my 3rd year in university I am eager and excited to have my own job/work ( can you feel the feeling? :) ). By the grace of God, I graduated in university and became a professional and passed the exam. Then God provided me a job. In my first work I really feel blessed not of my employer but for God's provision to me. I had a "not so good employer" and because of my employers attitude the passion to work and report in the office is gradually fading away. Everyday is a tiresome day for me, I feel that facing my employer is a bad day for me. Until I decided to quit my job, before losing all the love for it. I keep on thinking if that work of mine is a blessing or not. Then when I had my 2nd company (my second job) that until now I'm still working I can really say that it's a blessing for I learned a lot of things. How about you? do you sometimes feel your work is a blessing to you or a burden to you?