Snakes, Snakes everywhere!

@Olonam (870)
July 23, 2012 10:36am CST
Hey there everybody! Here in my place there are snakes, snakes everywhere! I live in the city. But to get to my house you have to go in a small round and find a gate with a short road going to my house. There are many bushes, trees and vines around. It's like there is many mini forests here. When I was really young I thought there were tigers living in the mini forests even though you can actually see the wall on the end of the forest. I was young back then, so i thought there were big creatures that could kill. But now I know, there are no tigers there, but there is another creature that can kill. There are snakes! Here in our house we kill snakes whenever we see one. If we didn't i'm sure there will be so much more snakes around! I have seen so many snakes in my life already, the first thought i remember in my life was there was a snake in our house. I don't remember anything after that because it was my first memory ever! I remember almost stepping on a snake one time. If my siblings hadn't told me to stop than I would have stepped right into the snake and probably get bitten. So we watched were it went and killed it. There was actually a snake that we didn't kill immediately. The snake was able to sneak into the office. My brother saw it first. Then he told dad. And dad took a long stick and started playing with it until it got tired. Than he captured it. We could all see the action because our office door is glass and it was so exciting. We kept the snake as pet for a while. I don't remember so clearly what happened but my dad killed it because of something. I forgot already. I had many, many other encounters with snakes. I thought i saw a snake in a huge puddle one time swimming, me and my siblings saw a frog on top of a snake, we found a dead yellow snake on the road one time and took it home and took pictures and many many others. None of my family has ever been bitten by a snake yet. I still get scared when I see a snake. But I always want to see one particular snake in our place, I've never seen it before but I really, really want to see it. Not meet it of course because that will be bad. The snake that I want to see in our place is the Boa Constrictor. That's right, Boa Constrictor! I think it's hiding in the deep part of our forest. I never saw it that's why i want to see it. Long, long ago my siblings said they saw a giant snake cross the road. But after that there was no sighting until long after. One time me and my brother were going to get our dog (my profile picture is the dog) and bring her home. She was chasing a cat and the cat had climbed a tree in the forest. We were just passing through the bushes quickly not really looking until our neighbors maid told us to be careful because she saw a very, very big snake where we were. And I thought, 'Snakes live for a long time, was that the same snake that crossed the road or was it a child of the snake?' And not very long ago, a few months ago. We found..... Snake skin! Really big snake skin! It was just as big as a Boa Constrictor, and it was very near our garden! Haha. I was scared that day! Haha. We took a picture but i don't know where the photo is. My most recent snake experience is: We have this place near the forest that we call HQ for 'Hiding Quarters'. I found big snake skin there one time, not very big, but bigger than the usual snake here. And later that day my brother saw the snake. He said he was going to kill it but the thing he was holding was too heavy. haha. So now we have to be careful when we go to our HQ. And that is probably all my experiences with snakes. I don't want to be bitten by a snake ever! And the Boa Constrictor, I want to know that it's gone. Haha Did you have many experiences with snakes? Share them to me!
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• Kochi, India
23 Jul 12
Whoa I had a lot of experiences with snake.Unlike you,we live in a place which is just outside the city.I can't say that its a forest,but there are a lot of trees here(mostly rubber). We often see snakes here,but we usually let them go as we are too scared to chase them. Most common snake here is the rat snake,its big but its non venomous so we don't kill it. Once(night) a snake fell on my head when I opened the bathroom door,idk where did it came from.I shook my head out of and it fell on the floor and it was trying to crawl but it couldn't.I was very shocked,I turned the lights on(all this was happening in the dim light from bathroom) and called my mom.The snake was small,slimy wet skinned and was grey colored,till this day IDK what it was.There was an iron lever,I used it to kill it. Another time(more recent),I was having mid sem exams so I had woken up at 3 o clock to study.Just as I was about to put my foot on the ground I saw something shining on the floor.I knew that it was snake.Unlike the first snake it was crawling rather easily,it was a little longer too.I jumped and leap across the room.Called my mom,it was a bigger snake,so I didn't have the courage to kill it alone.It had crawled under the bed.With a stick I had managed to take it out,from there.I pushed against the stair while mom crushed its head with another stick. Another time(long ago)we were at our previous house,I was 12 or 13,I don't remember properly how old was I. I was playing with marbles,one just rolled behind the door.I was about to put my hands,when i heard a hiss.I looked carefully through the wedge was a small spectacled cobra(hood was the clue).It was killed by our neighbor. Then?I saw a baby snake(very small and was as thin as a refill) which is black and had yellow rings across its length,idk what was it.I was about to step on it,then I realized it was there,so an accident was avoided Rat snake also entered our house frequently,but as I said,they are non venomous,so we try to scare them away.
• Kochi, India
24 Jul 12
Rat snakes here,can grow up to 12 feet(guessing).Its very hard to shoo them,they don't fear us,like other snakes.Rat snakes can't kill meThey are non venomous,and it can't squeeze a human. Common Cobra venom is very poisonous,you can die within 15 minutes.