season 4! looks amazing

@monkmano (586)
July 24, 2012 1:33am CST
i just watched the season 4 premiere its on syfy in the states. woah was that ever amazing, i was disappointed in seeing HG Wells die, she is one of my favourite characters. I heard they are writing a potential spin off for her set in her lifetime -- this would work well if she had died but now she is still alive ill enjoy her in the present time more throughout season 4 I hope. So many questions were answered in this premiere, but more have surfaced for the rest of the season. will the people who died in the alternate reality be affected? how will everyone be affected is it only artie? and what is going to happen with claudia and steve? I love this show and hope it has many more seasons after this one, 20 episodes for season 4! I also wonder if characters from Eureka may still guest when Eureka is cancelled I have not seen all of that series but enjoy crossovers (as well in alphas).
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