What is the meaning of marriage?

July 24, 2012 5:07am CST
One day while my workmate and I were having a recess, a man came to us and started a conversation. He is a doctor. We were a little bit shocked when he give us and advice. He said "Girls, never ever marry if you are not ready". He said that marrying involves sacrifices and commitment. He said that in marriage, two people become one. It's like 2 paper sheets being glued together that when will be teared, it will never be the same again. Marriage is a promise of couple with God. When you break that promise, I think it will be so hard. In our generation today, people tend to choose what's the best for themselves though it might hurt others. Is divorce or separation always a good choice, when things get rough? For married mylotters here, what is marriage for you?:)
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• India
24 Jul 12
Marriage is a great bond between the couples. In our country, there is a quote, Marriages are made in Heaven. I have great faith with this quote. Some of us think that we have the ability to select our life partner, but all are based on God's choice. Even love marriages are also the choice of him. Lot of persons fall in love in their life, but not all the persons get success in their love and married their beloved person, some of them are in need to marry other person due to their fate. Whatever it is, we must be loyal to our spouse after our marriage and don't do any betraying activities to them. In all culture marriage is having an unique importance. Both the couples must remain loyal to each other and have true love and affection till the life long. In these days, some couples going for divorce for silly issues. But this kind of activity is wrong, we must try our maximum to compromise with our spouse for their silly mistakes, divorce is not a solution for any problem. Mostly this kind of persons who are seeking divorce for silly reasons are unmature. Marriage requires certain maturity. We are in need to face a lot of responsibilities after our marriage. So we must be ready for it. Better to marry our beloved person after getting that maturity. Since Marriage is a great thing in every persons life and it gives the real meaning for the life we are living.
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• Philippines
24 Jul 12
That man is right. It's just that less people nowadays are God fearing. They make decisions without weighing things out. I mean even if they knew that it's bad they still choose it coz they think that they made the right decision for being happy. They are being blind by reality.