How to hide your files in a image file.

July 24, 2012 10:36am CST
Have you ever tried to save image file inside an image file in windows. This can be done by first selecting the file you want to hide. Compress the file to .zip or .rar format using winRAR or winZIP or any other compressor your use. Now select the image file you want to hide your file into it and put in the same folder as compressed file folder. Now using command prompt go to the folder where the compressed file and image file is located and use copy command. For example: if you have compressed the file to file.rar and the image file is image.jpg. then you can use the command like "copy /b image.jpg+file.rar newimage.jpg" It will copy contents in image.jpg and file.rar (file.rar is appended to image.jpg) to newimage.jpg.
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• Philippines
24 Jul 12
i don't do all that trouble. if i am hiding a file that i don't want other to read or see i just rename the extension to a different one. like the original file is a .mp4 i will just rename the extension to .pdf or other file extension. my favorite fake file extension is .apk, windows can't open that. well if you try to open that the computer will tell you that the file is corrupted.
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• India
24 Jul 12
I tried that stuff too. but some players do play them easily. They don't want the extension, some players have some tough codec that can decode it easily.
@bent31 (86)
• Canada
24 Jul 12
Wow, that's pretty awesome. You learn something new everyday! That will be quite useful sometime when I need to hide my files in a image file. Thanks bloodmask!