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United States
July 24, 2012 11:00am CST
i listen to a lot of people around me when they are talking.i wonder do they here them selves somethings that they say,some people think they are always right and the other person is wrong, but if they would take the time to listen to the other person they would see that they are wrong. i like to always listen before i speak is there anyone else that feels the same as i do?
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• India
26 Jul 12
In today's time the good listening skills seems like depleting. We always want that we say and the other person should hear us. Why he hear you when you are not interested in his problems? We should place our self in his place and think would we listen to the talks? Believe me good listening is a very good skill and help you a lot in many circumstances when you want to get the work done. If you are interested in someone's problem he would always ready to help me out.
@succeednow (1636)
• Singapore
26 Jul 12
Hi Deb, Good for you. Listening is a very useful skill that everyone of us should learn. You find that people who really listen are smarter and they will respond accordingly unlike those who do not listen and will talk 'rubbish'. People who talk more than they listen are generally egoistic and love the sound of their own voice much more than others'. That's why they go on talking even when they are supposed to stop.
• India
25 Jul 12
I like this quality of others and truly admire same. I am not very good in listening to others when I not in my senses. I am trying to work upon the same and improve myself. I am not that very bad but still I am, so I am trying to improve over same. But at times when I listen to others, I realize that what you are saying is very well a fact. I realize my mistakes and get back home in a happy note.
@nyssa102 (748)
• United States
24 Jul 12
Yes, we can learn so much via listening. We can actually learn so we do not have to experience the unpleasant situations that others have, and learn from them, as long as I do not lecture them. I have to remember that it is not right to lecture people, that is not good at all. We listen in order to learn and to assist the other person in going through tough times, not to promote our own elitist view points. However, in all truth, most people only listen to promote themselves. They do seem to use the person who is suffering or in distress as making themselves into the 'savior'. I do not know why this occurs, but it does. www.mindtools.com has a good section on how to actively listen. To listen without promoting your own ideas, and instead help those who need you is a great thing and should be learned.
@doronk69 (91)
• Israel
24 Jul 12
I feel like you. But when I'm with my family for some reason I can't to it..:P