Traveling with Torties.

United States
July 24, 2012 12:53pm CST
I love my babies. They are 3 years old. We adopted them from a shelter about a year ago... they definitely have the 'torti-tude' that is associated with this type of cat. Very independent, moody, and vocal. They want attention on their terms. Don't pick them up, but they will be happy to jump in your lap. Don't pet them unless they ask for it or they will run and hide. When it's dinner time, they make a lot of noise and become super affectionate. They are kind of high strung but very playful, and mostly loving of each other... though they do fight just often enough to keep things interesting. They are sisters, litter mates, that were basically abandoned after their owner passed away because of cancer. The shelter we adopted them from was so grateful that we adopted them, they only charged us one fee, because they were so worried nobody would adopt them. When we got them they were afraid of everything! Now we have to move them 1100 miles and I'm a bit worried about how they will handle the travel and the new surroundings. I can't sedate them because they don't do pills well (they fight hard, or throw up afterwards), and it's a 2-3 day drive, so a shot would only last for part of the trip. Any advice on traveling with cats would be welcome, as well. ~Mandy
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