Did neobux adprize method paid off to you? How much you won.

July 24, 2012 7:53pm CST
Well with the beginning of lower click rates for standard members, well lots of members left the scene and most do not click daily as often as it used to be doing what it should be. Also now its difficult to find referrals too as the amount they get is very small as part of neopoints getting distributed with each click. Then came adprize to keep the stream of neobux members flowing and offered a lot of good prizes for each members, who are very lucky. What I found is no use as I clicked a lot of adprizes may be around more than 10,000 ads for last 6 months and still no big prize. Till now I am just able to make $6 from this adprize and most are spend on renewing my rented referrals. Well I see no gain now, as most referrals don't click as often as they should be and also there are no rented referrals to buy directly, Has to depend on rental queue which cost $4 more than normal. What you consider is a major faliure on part of neobux that it could not satisfy each members as it used to be with its new norms, or is going good and you are winning a lot of adprizes. But if they go back to what they were, then I am sure a lot of members will again flock around and start do business again. Maybe they did this because they could not afford the growing members and the limited ads pool they had with them.
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