I'm starting to count my expenses

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July 25, 2012 2:14am CST
Hi mylotters, these past few days I just realized that I have been spending more than I should. Recently, I downloaded an app on my iphone to track my expenses. It actually works. And this really helped me be aware of what I am spending. The next time I buy something, I am going to think about it first. How about you? have you been tracking or expenses? If not, what do you do to save? Happy mylotting!
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@lokisdad (4264)
• United States
7 Dec 15
It is nearly impossible to save any money with holidays so close and I have so much that I need to do it seems like saving is not going to happen right away. We have been by buying some things cheaper and try to not waste things.
• Philippines
13 Aug 12
i'm starting to count my expenses, bec. you will know how much you left from you money. or you are so expenses that your income is much lower than your expenses. now a days our income is much less than our expenses. there is a formula is income-savings=expenses. to have saving in your further and in case of emergnecy we will have a money. and when you write down your expenses you will know where your money gone too and how much you pay for your debt. thank you
@jricky1 (6808)
• China
26 Jul 12
What's app,then? I think i should also have one to count what i actually spend on.Maybe it's useful to me,but i still spending money reckless.Anyway,still leave to you to control yourself.You'd better benefit from it.lol
@mikyung (2234)
• Philippines
25 Jul 12
I do track my daily expenses, I usually place them in a spreadsheet. I'm doing this since last year. What prompt me to document my expenses? I don't have any savings and i feel like that I wasted all my money to nothing. I can't even make an account how I spent it. I learned my lesson and I need to save for the future. Thanks
@Raine38 (9195)
• United States
25 Jul 12
I also keep track of my expenses using an app on my iTouch called Spendings. On my first try, I was successfully able to save $200! It was so cool because I can see real time the remaining balance I have, how much I have spent, and which type of expense I have already exceeded my allotment. But more than the apps, its also the discipline and the commitment to maintain spending at a minimum.
• Philippines
25 Jul 12
I also track my expenses but I do it with pen and paper. And I usually do with it in my planner so it is already dated (another convenience!). I am usually good at tracking my expenses except that there are times when I do too many things at a time. I am slowly trying to keep my expenses and pleasures to a minimum so that I can save more. I usually have a account which my mother holds for me or tie it with investments so I really can’t touch or spend it.
@BabyCheetah (1913)
• Australia
25 Jul 12
I'm lucky. I can easliy track expenses an stop myself for spending on things unnecessarily unless I have some money to spare. When I have money to spare a big majority goes into my savings account but I'll keep some if I wish to buy something otherwise it all goes in there
@ryanong (9694)
• Vietnam
25 Jul 12
I try to put money to my saving account whenever i receive salary. the remain part will be divided for every week in a month. i always write down what i bought in a day and see it back it is necessary or not, if it is not necessary,i wont buy it in the next month. One more, i don't use credit card now, i use currency only..then when i have to pay much money,i take time to think i should buy or not...i am very happy when i can do save right now, so happy to see money rising in my saving account every month.
@Paper_Doll (2375)
• Philippines
25 Jul 12
Hi, what is that application you mentioned because I also want to download that. I also have problems in tracking my expenses and I hope that applications would help me as well. Previously, I have this notebook where I write all my expenses but there are times that I no longer write or forget doing it. I always bring my phone with so maybe it would be easier if I have that kind of application you said.