How far would you go for beauty?

@yiart65 (146)
July 25, 2012 3:40am CST
I was looking at some blogs of some famous bloggers and I realise they spend a lot on beauty products. At the same time, they are also turning to options like plastic surgery. I don't know about what you guys think, but to me, I wouldn't want to go under the knife just for beauty nor spend a bomb on beauty products. And most people actual make themselves look prettier for the sake of guys, but the guy friends around me like girls that are natural and makeup-less. So, why are still people doing so much for beauty? Just my own opinions.
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@Raine38 (9193)
• United States
25 Jul 12
Most of the time, highly celebrated beauty gurus and bloggers are getting paid for the products they use and review; sometimes the products that they use were actually given to them for free. But reaching this level didn't come cheap; of course they also spent a lot of money for the beauty products. Even if I was given lots of money, I'll never spend any of it for cosmetic surgery. I'd rather spend it all on travels and vacation. Besides, my mom and my husband say I'm so pretty, so I guess that's more than enough proof that I don't need much make up.
@kalsha (8)
• India
25 Jul 12
You know they think so because they have started to believe they are some other person who is so young, rotund that he never ages. The day they will realize that midst all the falseness they have lost the real me, they will become human enough to accept their appearance..!!
@riyauro (6428)
• India
25 Jul 12
your statement is very true yiart, Boys that I know, like girls who are naturally beautiful. I really don't know what makes people go to any extent to look beautiful. and not all surgeries are successful, some end up being disaster. then why take chances on this. Girls are gone crazy to be beautiful. I would never do that. I would rather spend that money on something better.