fan of beyonce

July 25, 2012 4:08am CST
i'm a fan of beyonce . i love her style in music and how she performs. I had watched the billboard 2012 and i really appreciated her in her most single way. She performed well. One more things she's also beautiful
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• South Africa
26 Jul 12
Beyonce was born on September 4th 1981 in Houston, TX. I like her performance also she so beautiful. so therefore am beyonce fan... Up Beyonce! Beyonce forever!!
• Philippines
27 Jul 12
Well Beyonce has the charisma and that kind of aura that are truly interesting especially when performing. Her perfomance are really fascinating..I like her voice..How i wish i could have a voice like hers!
• China
31 Jul 12
I also a fans of her, I like her voice very much. The tone,melody and voice are all charming point to me.
• United States
25 Jul 12
I'm a fan of her older and newer stuff although her newer stuff is more catchy, I feel that her older stuff was way more....classy? I suppose. Though it's just my opinion.
• Philippines
27 Jul 12
Whatever it is , Beyonce forever!!
• United States
27 Jul 12
Beyonce is a great artist and I believe that her fans will forever stay her fans no matter how her music has gotten but I do love some of her older music better than her new ones seems as if she had more passion for it.
@kourdapya (926)
• Philippines
4 Feb 13
Hi jonnagirl! Like you, I am also a big fan of Beyonce's even way back her Destiny's CHild days. She's beautiful, talented, and a total performer. She's the total package Jay-Z is a really lucky man. I wish that she will have a concert here in the Philippines again. And I wish I could afford the tickets. Sometimes I watch her concerts in youtube, her version of Alanis Morisette's You Oughtta Know is really amazing. You should check it out, I'm sure you'll gonna love her more! :)
@misjoseph (162)
5 Jan 13
i'm her fan as well... I love her songs and the way she performed too...
@jrmika (60)
6 Oct 12
I'm also a fan of beyonce.I love her music and style.and the way she sing was so amazing and powerful.
• Philippines
24 Sep 12
Beyonce i must say is a good example of a real performer, She can do dancing, and singing at the same time. And tell you REAL Singing! no, auto-tune and hits those very high notes. She's also a good person, she's real and she doesn't fake out unlike other celebrities in the realm of showbizness. Lady Gaga pointed out on an interview from Perez Hilton once, she shared that Beyonce is one of the real person in showbiz (FYI Beyonce and Gaga are friends), "She's not like the others out there she is not fake" I am so happy for her success and looking forward on hearing new hits from her as well.
19 Sep 12
I love her aswell.I think she is very beautiful as well as talanted.I love her hair,her voice,everything about her just screams classy.I was amazed at how amazing she sound in concert,Beyonce fan for life!
@jopipay (336)
• Philippines
10 Sep 12
I also love her. She is just a total performer may I say:)
@silverfox09 (4727)
• United States
31 Aug 12
I am also fan of her forever , She is incredible and strong and beautiful . She is so talented , great figure and a beautiful face and voice. I wish I could dance like her .
• French Polynesia
5 Aug 12
yes she is beautifull