who am I?

July 25, 2012 5:00am CST
who really we are? a broad question, yet tricky, why? an example is me. There's something that we are sure with ourselves but then it's just seems to become a negative one, I mean, we are not perfect in the sense that, we are born that way but is a sin. Question, why it happened to me, why God permit this kind of disaster, etc. Then we have to hid it inside so we don't be discriminated, just like a stage play where we act to what the audience like to see. We pretend to be a righteous one, if we not, we surely are dead. I experienced already, my family, friends don't expect me to become,. Still I'm hiding, and yet finding answers to my questions. But still I'm thankful that I'm alive, there's still happiness in my life, now, I'm working it out to help others so that the sins I made be covered and equalize. But still I have to hide, and it hurts because I love someone, and he's very special, I love him too bad, that even now after 9 years, I still feel the same. He didn't know anything of me cause I'm a quiet one, He didn't know about this thing because still I'm afraid and not ready to face the whole society if it leaked out about me, SO, to make it short, I'm a gay, and I'm living on lies everyday, and is necessary to keep myself alive, Since you mylotters knew nothing about my identity, I'm able to express myself unknown,, what's your opinion??
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@wogibook (75)
• Singapore
25 Jul 12
First of all, God is wise and gave all of us FREE CHOICE. That's the reason why God didn't stop Adam and Eve from eating the forbidden fruit for if He did, where's the freedom for us all? We tend to blame God for the negative things that are happening around us and know this my friend, it's not act of God for all the disasters, calamities and other evil things that are happening in this world. Always remember that 'For God so love the world, He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believe in Him will not perish and will have eternal life' John 3:16. God knows your suffering and He can't wait to hug you and comfort you if you let Him. You see, God doesn't want to force us but He will always have His hands opened for those of us who believe in Him. Talk to Him, our Daddy God and thank Him for what He's done. Another thing I want you to know is that, Jesus Christ came to the world to die for our sins 2000 years ago and you are no more condemned as long as you believe that Jesus is the Savior. Bottom line is, don't be afraid of what you are, seek Him and He will heal you. We live our lives with a purpose and the purpose is to worship Him. Let me know if you want to know more about Him, I can help you clear your doubts and misunderstandings and hopefully this will help you overcome your obstacles that you have in your life now