100 views in less than two days

July 25, 2012 2:18pm CST
yes people i had the record braking views in less that two days in my years of being here at the web. i never thought that people would want to view something (artistically speaking) if i have a model in full nude. yes! you heard it right nude. months ago i shifted for being a portrait and nude photographer to macro and nature photographer. did i get an hype with that type of photography? the flat answer is NO. no body care to view some of the shots that i made. not even those groups that i joined. it's just that you want to change something with how you photographs things so you shift to another type. but when a friend ask a favor to photograph her in full nude... definitely i told her that i have shifted to macro and nature but then you can never say never to a friend right. so i did the shot in exchange that i will post a photo of that shoot in my online art folio... then i upload it like all the other regular photos that i have there. sad to say with in few minutes people are flooding in to my account profile. giving comments and congratulations with all the blah-blahs that i have heard before. contrast to the monochrome, to form of the subject was highly praise... that is too sad... i still think that i am a good photographer when it comes to portraiture but i am not happy that people just flood in because they can see someone naked. it's hurting my ability as an artist to misuse art like this. people are no longer celebrating the body but actually has become nothing but a piece of lustful thoughts. i really love nude and human body in general. i love how the lights lit the muscles reveling texture, shapes and dept... it's how you supposed see nude as an art.
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@anklesmash (1416)
25 Jul 12
I'm sorry but most people are more interested in the sordid element rather than the artistic side.There is plenty of imagery on the internet that was created with the intention of creating feelings of lust people should look at that rather than the serious piece of art you created.Im all for people gaining an interest of art but it does require a certain level of maturity.Thats why the museum in pompeii that displays the sexsexually explicit material that was found throws out anyone that laughs at the exhibits.Because we need to be more mature about the human body and look for deeper artistic or in the case of pompeii historical meaning.