What Do You Do When Your Favorite Song Plays Out of Nowhere?

United States
July 25, 2012 11:29pm CST
Well, I was listening to Pandora radio today and all of a sudden my favorite song came on and I immediately flipped out...tapping my foot, singing along and just carrying on like a mad woman. I would say that I do overreact when it happens but who would ever think that it would come on?! Seriously I wonder if I'm strange or do people do that as well?
5 responses
• San Leandro, California
26 Jul 12
I definitely sing out along with the song but I'm not gonna do anything over the top, like dancing in the car.
@surekharathi (14134)
• India
26 Jul 12
I feel happy and start sing a song with radio if my favourate song is started. Some time dancing also not properly but just time pass.
@Shazooo (296)
• Malaysia
26 Jul 12
Hey there, I absolutely love it when my favorite song start playing out of nowhere...well it usually happens in a shop, i would chill out in it longer till the song ends if it is really out of nowhere, i would probably first look around to see if anyone is around me, if its just my family or close friends, i would drop everything and start singing to it no matter how bad my singing is ....much like a mad woman tooooo
• United States
26 Jul 12
wow that so funny because i downloaded that Pandora radio on my phone this week and i was looking at the 90's music. my song came on it gave me chills. i had a big smile on my face and i just started dancing my sisters was laughing at me they said i was crazy. it gave me memories of back in the day when i was young when i was listening to the music they had.
• Philippines
26 Jul 12
When i hear my favorite song somewhere, i do nothing. I actually ignore it and find some other song that i will like so long as it is unique and not very much popular among people close to me such as my classmates, schoolmates, etc. I like to be the only one listening to it since i want it to be special only and only to me. Cheers!