The medicine for inside bugs

@Suggar (3612)
July 26, 2012 7:07am CST
We give our pup a pill for inside bugs every month. Also we are living in a sea city, where we have lots of mosquito's and giving this bill prevents of the sickness warms in the heart. We tried to give him the pill in his mouth, while we were holding it closed all the time. The little monster is pulling it out to the entry of his mouth and is moving all the time so he is very hard to be kept in only one position. After our first try, I started mixing the pill with different human foods, he was eating them, I could see he doesn't like the taste, but as long as it was human food he was o.k. to eat it. Yesterday I mixed the pill with macaroni with cheese. The pill is smelling on animal liver, it looks like he didn't like the smell or recognized the smell of the pill he was rejecting for so long. And he didn't ate it. Gladly we had another all pill, we have to give him only the half of a pill, so it was o.k. We put today small parts of the pill inside a piece of cheese. He started eating it, but found the pill piece and left it away. We got back to the first idea of taking the pup on hands and giving the last half we had in his mouth. And again the same story, pulling it with his tongue out, and doesn't matter if we kept his mouth closed for like probably 1 minute or little longer, he still succeed to pull it out of his mouth. We tried another time, once more, closed his nose and started to touch kindly his throat, but the monster didn't swallow it. What do you do in such situations? Please some experience would be useful for me. We had the idea to change the pill, buy a new one without so strong smell, so he can eat it with other food without feeling what he actually eats. But the pill we use is Cestal and they say it's the best one for inside bugs.
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@Octav1 (1420)
• Romania
27 Jul 12
If the dog has some favorite food, something that he eats without chewing it, hide the pill inside a piece of that food. Prepare several pieces of the same food, the same size and shape. Hide the piece with the pill among the other pieces. Give him the pieces from your hand, as quickly as he swallows them. Don't give him time to chew the pieces, give him the next piece immediately. He won't have the time to notice when he swallows the piece with the food. This is the way my partner gives the pills to our dog. She's a big eater and she can have the pills even in pieces of bread or cheese. If your dog is a picky eater, the only chance is to force the pill down on his throat. Hold the pill between the tips of your middle finger and your ring finger, put it at the back of his tongue and force it down his throat. Give him some food he likes as soon as you closed his mouth. Don't let him time to think about the pill.
@Suggar (3612)
• Bulgaria
27 Jul 12
Thanks for sharing this knowledge, I will have it in mind for next times, because since we started to give him this pill he never wants it. Also yesterday we made cheese pieces and put the pill inside of them, but it found it. At first he didn't want to eat it, I guess he recognized the smell. We both were around him to see if he will eat it or not. Well he broke the piece and put away the pill, the other part of the cheese he ate. I went out to buy some yellow cheese. From the shop I called my boyfriend to ask him if he wants something and he shared that Ike took it. I guess he was calmer that we stopped forcing him to take the pill, so my boyfriend used the moment while Ike was on his chair and tried again, holding his mouth closed and putting the pill inside it every time the pup was trying to pull it out.