I like to admire the sunset and you?

Sunset - This is a picture of sunset near the seaside with the coconut tress and orange water.
July 26, 2012 10:09am CST
Every day when the sun is setting I go on the roof of my house to admire the sunset. I am an artist, so I admire the nature which gives me the inspiration to draw better. Sometimes I miss it. I also go to the seaside with my boyfriend in the afternoon to admire the sunset. It is really soothing and peaceful. Have you ever tried it?
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@512771751 (1096)
• China
15 Aug 12
It is a pity that I haven't seen the sunset. It must be so wonderful and peaceful.
@Micmac (9807)
26 Jul 12
I feel very relaxed and happy to see the sunset. It is beautiful to see a aura of colors while the sun is setting in the sky. A twilight sky is most enchanting. Watching the sun go down is a spectacular view against the horizon.
• India
26 Jul 12
Hello velentina, I also really enjoy sun sets. I feel more relaxed and comfortable while watching those kind of beautiful scenes. I often go to the beaches to have great view of the sun set with my friends.
@CTHanum (8252)
• Malaysia
26 Jul 12
It's great for you to have chance to watch the sunset or sunrise. Here I just watch them through the window..But it still look beautiful. Sometimes, I watch outside the window looking at the beautiful moon as well.(^^)
• Philippines
26 Jul 12
same here i also do appreciate sunset scene. i also do appreciate stars. so nice to hear that i am not the only people in this world that spent time at the rooftop just for a peace of mind and a bit of sight seeing. i also love to talk to God whenever i am alone at the rooftop.
• China
26 Jul 12
Yeah, I also enjoy the sunset, especially in such a day in the summer. The sunset looks so beautiful.
@sukumar794 (5047)
• Thiruvananthapuram, India
26 Jul 12
The setting SUN...it is quite picturesque and offers a sublime sense of consciousness and tranquility.While the rising SUN raises hopes of a brighter and prosperous day, the setting sun sets in new hopes and aspirations to the forefront of our thoughts and personal thinking.