there are so many games i have not played yet

@hotsummer (10466)
July 26, 2012 6:47pm CST
my friend has played a lot of games already on facebook and keeps playing more. i am not that interested on games. but somehow i want to develop the skills he has. the way how fast he moves his fingers. and how fast he thinks so as he can play the game well. and i don't understand he was able to develop on some games that seems boring to me. so i want to find what is so interesting on those games.
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@jricky1 (6808)
• China
27 Jul 12
Some people who can not find the leisure playing game coz they do not interest in it.But some are quite addicted to that and find lots of fun playing.I try to find games on my app on iphone and hope enjoy my time when i'm free.
• Philippines
27 Jul 12
i also play online games, but not that regularly. my son, on the other hand, is kind of an addict in playing tetris and the likes. he is a pro when it comes to these games and i allow him to get his fingers on his laptop only on weekends to avoid him from losing his time to study during weekdays. i also am amazed at how he is able to complete a whole block of tetris with different tiles just dropping incessantly. one time, i tried it myself as a visitor on the site and i could'n last for 2mins. i was always being knocked out by my opponent until i finally gave up and just played cityville. during those times when plants vs zombies game was really hot, i used to play it too and my son couldn't beat me on this one. i reached a level high enough he couldn't even last 2mins when he tried to continue my game. LOL i think not all games are fit for us. your friend might be best at so many games because he chooses those games he enjoys most. this is true to me and my son. i play best with games that interest me and it is the same with him. we both don't play games that don't interest us since we'll just end up quitting due to lack of interest. =)
• United States
26 Jul 12
I did not play my game today and might go over there to play my games tonight. I like all of them and they are kind of cute to play. getting to cook and feed those little people all the time.