You remind of your mother

July 26, 2012 11:47pm CST
This is the only time someone told me that I look like my mother. I grew up believing that I resemble my father. When I was a kid, people would usually say that I look like him and I also thought the same because our eyes are really the same. I think that maybe in one way or another, we all resemble our parents. How about you my fellow mylotter, do you look like one of your parents or both of them?
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@riyauro (6428)
• India
31 Jul 12
I look like my mother more.but my hands and feet are like my father. Many times people have asked me i was Uma's daughter. I get surprised how they could make out. they say i look exactly like my mother. Her eyes is very obvious which i got because it is bluish gray. have a wonderful day.
• Philippines
31 Jul 12
Thanks for sharing. I have seen some people you looks like a carbon copy of their parents. I know that there are advantage and disadvantage of being one. In your case, how does it feel to look exactly like your mother?
@dsw313 (321)
• Philippines
27 Jul 12
Same like me, when I was a kid they usually call me by my father's nickname, but as I grow older they say that I use to talk like my mom, walk like, looks like her etc. and they just notice this a few years ago, while my mom is already in the US and haven't seen her for years (expect from webcams)..
• Philippines
28 Jul 12
Thanks for sharing, it is maybe because some of us regard as our mother as our role model. They have become our standards in almost everything and subconsciously, we tend to imitate their actions like walking and their other expressions. I in fact have copied some of my fathers habits like how he drinks his coffee and how he eat fried chicken. That is why some people would really say that I am indeed her daughter. This may also be the reason why in the long run or as we grow older, we tend to resemble both of them. Why is your mom in the other country? I am sure you are missing her a lot. My parents is in the province and I only see them once a week but I still usually miss them.