zombie apocalypse, a possibility or not?

@kayoks (26)
July 27, 2012 3:34am CST
i just read an article that i have search on google about the reasons why zombie apocalypse is a possibility, while reading the article it made me realize what will happen to us if this day comes, how are we going to survive and how are we going to deal it...
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@nyssa102 (748)
• United States
27 Jul 12
Well, just let me say, that if there were a zombie apocolypse then I would stand a great chance of staying alive. I've actually played Resident Evil games so much, that I feel I am now an expert at anything a friggin zombie could toss at me. If you go to www.capcom.com you will see that Resident Evil 6 is about to be unleashed upon us! I will be smashing and smacking up zombies right and left!!!! Yeah! That is going to be awesome. There are some interesting stories about the real zombie apocalypse, so to speak here, if you do a search on www.buzzfeed.com (really wish they'd allow us to copy and paste here, it would be easier to give the entire URL that way) So yes, in all seriousness, I will thing, "What would Leon do?", and I am prepared with confidence, with much success for my future in such a time! We gamers have been blowing the heads off Zombies for years now,and we are quite ready for the assault. I really like this question, in that there is so much you can do in a zombie assault. There are the 'fantasy things' I think of first, that one could do in a game, but they do not match your question.