Can there is any enjoyment which can satisfy a individual in this world?

I wish, i could enjoy more in my life.. - wish never ends. nothing can satisfy you
@ridzzz0 (131)
July 28, 2012 2:25am CST
we always try to enjoy our life to the edge. but after enjoying something or somewhere the very next day we get up & wish for more enjoyment. we start thinking how can we enjoy more than what i had can there be any enjoyment which can satisfy a individual totally? what do you think?
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@riyauro (6428)
• India
28 Jul 12
I think when your soul is happy then you get enjoyment in small small things. See inside within oneself and see what you actually want that satisfies you the day you get the answer, you will be happy. I don't party and I even have much friends, but I feel happy from my heart. Sometimes I don't even know the reason why I am happy but I am full of joy. I don't if it happens to me only or there are people who are like me. Hope to see someone like me.
@ridzzz0 (131)
28 Jul 12
you are right. even i used to think in the same way. but when we enjoy something that time we feel really happy but once it is over we start thinking i wished i could have done this or that.even you fell bad that you do not party or you do not have much the bottom in your heart you have a felling to have a large number of friends & parting with them otherwise you wouldn't have said that "without them you are happy". what do you think?
• Philippines
29 Jul 12
The Bible book of Matthew 5:3,Jesus Christ stated: " HAPPY are those conscious of their spiritual need."In my case this is very true because in our daily lives, we are struggling to satisfy all our needs like food we wanna eat, places we want to enjoy,and others.And temporarily, yes we really have enjoyed it.But what about the next day?As usual..still the same.There's no such feeling of total satisfaction.So, to be Truly HAPPY and satisfied,there are some things we need to attain.The needs of Spiritual aspect.We need to know the purpose of our life.What gives life a true meaning?How can we rightly value the gift of life?Where can we turn for guidance?So,by not asking this question to our self or by not having a purpose in life, we can have a little bedrock upon which to build personal goals.And in harmony with this, the Bible book of Ecclesiastes 12:1,reminded us' it stated: " Remember, now, your Grand Creator,in the days of your young manhood, before the calamitous days proceed to come,or the years have arrived, when you will say,'I have no delight in them.'". SO THEREFORE,ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT TASK IN OUR LIFE TO ATTAIN TRUE HAPPINESS IS BOUND UP IN OUR RELATIONSHIP TO GOD.^__^
@Dominique25 (9475)
• United States
28 Jul 12
I do agree that we are often times wonder what else we can do to find more enjoyment. I think at some point we will be satisfied in knowing that we can enjoy so many different things. Life though was ment to be enjoyed and so we often have that desire to enjoy our life to the fullest.