How would you feel if a friend leaves without any notice?

@vycess (1590)
Saudi Arabia
July 28, 2012 3:45am CST
We have a friend here at work, she needs to be transferred to another clinic for 7 days only to relieve the duty of the coming new nurse there. But suddenly and surprisingly she just said to us to pack up all her things and she will not come back here anymore and the new nurse will be the one who will stay here. She's not only a co-worker but also a friend to us, we are really surprised.
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@asliah (11148)
• Philippines
25 Oct 12
hi, i have many friend and i have met them in different time and places,and the saddest time for that was when we need to apart or need to separate now because of new opportunity in life,and i have friends who made me sad because he was the only friend that close to me but he went to his province to work.
@Otanetix (509)
• United States
28 Aug 12
Although I have not experienced this yet, I have watched movies where this has happened. I often found myself feeling empathetic towards that friend left behind. Life can be cruel at times, but you need to learn to move on. If you don't attempt to move on, it will create some issues for your skills towards developing new relationship with other people. Most people in this situation would want to find out why that friend left them. However, the chance to bring some closure to this sad experience does not always occur. Many people often question how to cope with this situation. Unfortunately, there is not one coping mechanism that is perfect for everyone; since each person's experience is different, each person will learn to cope differently.
@tetris15 (540)
• Philippines
2 Aug 12
Your friend probably has her own reasons why she decided to stay there. You could only do so much for your friend and I think one of it would be to understand and accept her decision. Friendship needs effort to make it work. If you really have a solid foundation, distance won't be a hindrance to continue what both of you have started. When the time comes that you'll see each other again, just continue where you have left off.
@katrinapaz (2438)
• Philippines
31 Jul 12
maybe she did not want to announce her leaving and make all of you upset earlier. maybe she would rather not see you all be sad about it or there is an emergency that she has to attend to that is why she went home in a hurry. just email her or text her.
@Jenith (1382)
• Philippines
30 Jul 12
I'm sure there's a reason why she's leaving that way. It might be sad but we can't control life either. I mean let's accept the reality that people come and go. Though it hurts specially if we we're very close to the person but life must go on. As what they say, treat people the way you want to be treated coz we never know how long they would stay and touched our lives. Don't be mad with your friend.
@Reglyn (12)
• Philippines
28 Jul 12
How would you feel if a friend leaves without any notice? well, being left by a friend? I am immune to that kind of situation, since i was a kid, so may people i'd known whom i can call best friends but they were all gone. I mean, i don't like to be attached too much to somebody. I have learned that time comes you will run your life alone. You decide with yourself alone. If i'll be going to enumerate the people who became my best friends, they are so many but now i don't know where they are now. They had already their own world.
@Axai2012 (371)
28 Jul 12
It will keep me wondering what have I done wrong. I will be similarly surprised as you were. I think as a friend or even as a professional person, you deserve an explanation from her.
28 Jul 12
I have been on that kind of situation, too. My friend didn't inform me that she is going back on their province where she lives. She was supposed to lend me back some stuffs she borrowed from me. I honestly got mad at her and I still don't feel talking to her.
• India
28 Jul 12
It will really hurt us when a good friend leave us without any reasons. I am too lucky about it because i don't have to miss a lot of such good ones in my life. Some of them are far away from me but we used to contact and share all the things each other. I hope god will not put such hurtings on myself.