...so what? on Olympic openings

July 29, 2012 4:52am CST
My friend gave me a puzzling question – which is better the Beijing or London Olympics opening ceremony? I didn’t give an answer – I missed the London opening and I vaguely recalled the Beijing one. Even if I did see both, I probably cannot make a good decision nor comparison. This leads in a rather long rant from my friend who said that the Beijing one is still unrivaled and the London one is not up to par. He says that who wants to see characters from books or aged superstars. My only question to him is this – what’s the point? or So what? Many people might have picked Beijing because of its grand display but I don’t think two opening ceremonies are worth comparing. It;’s like comparing two cultures and the people involved will surely take their own. Why are some people reducing to comparing things which cannot be compared in the first place? ]I admire the Chinese for putting up a good show. Same goes for the British. I told my friend that if London didn’t get to be the host, other nominees would also be on the microscope to compare with Beijing. Even the US will have a hard time if Chicago won. Again, so what? It should be the athletes who mattered not some opening ceremony.
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