Selfishness turns us in ugly people

@didi13 (2927)
July 29, 2012 8:15am CST
We're selfish. Think all of our light, how we act is us better, without considering the damage or side effects. Like the argument that we always forever "instinct of preservation". I say this because sometimes I found myself in the above description. I did some things and took some decisions just because I'd be better or I would agree in some way. It's painful to admit this, but at least you know you are aware of what happens. Earlier he told a friend that just today I feel I'm tired. I'd like to make my luggage and go somewhere in the mountains, somewhere no one. What is the biggest problem? Why I got that at least once in life to feel the need of liberation, escape, removal? Because we do not hear one another's hearts. Yes, no longer listening. The heart tells you what the problem, without the need to ask that person. And ... not only hear them, but if we do not care anymore. Why do we care that feels new each other? Why? We come to a point in life to ask whether it's good to be good people, people who provide or we also become extremely selfish. Although we tend to believe that if we were selfish, we have everything to gain, remember one thing. When we choose to be good, although we recognize that being so, people would take advantage of us choose to be men. Yes, people are selfish. Yes, sometimes we are selfish. Maybe they have the instinct of preservation, they may not. But if I sit and think about the moments that hurt because someone was selfish, then I would not want to cause this pain to someone else because I'm selfish. Selfishness turns us in ugly people. We change our hearts. We decrease our eyes and mouth increases. We see less and talk more. We close the hand into a fist tightly and makes us forget that a warm heart is better than a mountain of money.
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@riyauro (6428)
• India
29 Jul 12
of course, selfishness make one ugly human being and this is when someone is always selfish in everything. Though being selfish rarely is healthy because people take advantage of you when they know your nature. To be safe and avoid getting taken advantage by others, one has to be careful. have a good day.