What makes something disturbing to you?

July 29, 2012 10:46am CST
When you watch horror (the psychological ones not the random blood and gore ones) what is the scene that makes you felt very disturb? Take The Ring or The Grudge(the Japanese one) for example what is the scene that makes you remember it until you go to bed at night? What about novels or comics? Since there's no music and no sound effects (and novels have no images) why do you still find it disturbing?
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• Indonesia
30 Jul 12
Ring and Grudge??? ohhh I cant stand the ghost's voice,,,"aaaaaaaaaaaarrgghhhhhhhh"
16 Sep 12
The child I found very disturbing in the ring. Everything about him was off.
19 Sep 12
haha! I watched so much disturbing stuff in my life,nothing scares me/disturbs me anymore. I've been watching horror movies,some seriously disturbing stuff since I was 6,(I had this older brother),so now I just try to stay away from stuff like that. Creepy novels,nope. I first heard Eminem's song 'stan' when i was like 8,the long dirty version one,I must say I kinda felt sick after that one!
@Bluedoll (17050)
• Canada
29 Jul 12
I enjoy eating a treat while watching a movie. Sometimes, it can be cheesy, chips, peanuts, cookie or ice cream. Once while enjoying a really nice bowl of vanilla ice cream, the movie, the fly, it introduced a terrible scene which involved a white substance that spoiled my treat because I was unable to finish it after that scene. This was very disturbing to me.
@Axai2012 (371)
29 Jul 12
The Silence of the Lamb is a pretty intense and a disturbing film. What disturbs me most is when Hannibal Lecter reads the mind of Clarice to reveal her weakness. That is freaky.