What Do You Hate Most About Yourself?

@Umaiya (43)
July 29, 2012 11:06am CST
I am like very straigh forward, verrry. Sometimes i sai things i am not supposed to and hurt others feelings. I hate this thing about me alot but i cant help it, i would sat at times like that my mouth is incharge not my mind. I dont know if anyone among you feel like tjis, if you do can u plz tell me how to shut my mouth
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• United States
29 Jul 12
Thank goodness I never felt this way with my mouth. I would not know how toreact to it. I think you need to let go and get on with things. maybe try to shut your mouth and let my mind rest up a little.
@Umaiya (43)
• India
29 Jul 12
You are a lucky women.... ask me how it feels when everyone is luking at u like they are gonna smash ua head with a steel chair..lol...i ll try to let go things and try to shut ma mouth...thnx
@asliah (11148)
• Philippines
22 Dec 12
hi, the most i hate in my self is i am easy to fall in love with someone when they show some feelings and sweetness to me,that is why now i am trying to control my heart by my mind,and thankful because i gradually do that to my self and i am happy for that changes.
@phoenix35 (386)
• Philippines
31 Jul 12
Sometimes, I am like that too. When I'm angry I can say the meanest things, then I'll feel very sorry later. I'll apologize, of course but the bad thing about it is, the damage has already been done. I would then, make a promise to myself to control my mouth the next time. Unfortunately, I always forget. How I wish, I can remember to keep my head cool :(
30 Jul 12
I'm a coward. That's what i think i hate most about myself. I mean, i don't have the courage to do a thing. I'm always been afraid. I really hate it. I really hate not having guts to improve myself. In your case, i think what you should do is think first before you talk.
@slovenc1 (2091)
• Slovenia
29 Jul 12
I know a few people that are also straight forward ant that wouldn't be a problem if they are wright about the things they say. But I hate my gf's friend that says everything that's on her mind especially what bothers her and she is very unfair, rude and annoying. Thing I hate about myself? I'm a perfectionist so I try to keep advices and tips and complains to myself but even if I keep 50% to myself I end up as the one who's bossy. What am I supposed to do? Just stay out and watch how things take longer, become less economic, extra problems appear?