Natural Hair Loss

July 29, 2012 6:08pm CST
Hair loss is a part of getting old. However, there are people who experience balding at an early age, and lose their self-confidence over it. Many hair care products are available in the market today, however, they do not prove effective on all cases of hair loss. Given this fact, what are the other ways to deal with natural hair loss; how can a person maintain his / her self-assurance without his / her crowning glory?
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31 Jul 12
My cousin is barely 30 years old and he's already losing his hair. I know for sure that it is hereditary because his dad is balding too. But they don't seem like they feel embarrassed about their receding hairline. A lot of people have the same issue, and I don't think anyone should be seriously bothered. We all have our own flaws, and they're just part of being human. See a few more advise from
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31 Jul 12
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1 Aug 12
I don't think that being bald is natural unless it's hereditary.They said that we can loss 50 to 100 strands of hair a day and it's natural.Beyond that,you may be losing lots of hair.Hair loss can have so may causes like hormonal imbalance,poor diet,stress,medications,or harsh chemicals.If you want to deal with hair loss,you should know first the cause of it and treat the cause.There are so many promising products out there but may or may not effective. A friend once told me that garlic can stimulate hair growth but I don't know if it's really effective.I know that Aloe Vera is effective in thickening and adding volume to your hair but I don't think it's effective in total hair loss.In that case,wearing wigs is an option.
@beenice2 (2274)
• Canada
30 Jul 12
Stress has some to do with it always and your diet, what you eat, because you are what you eat. You eat garbage food( Fast Food) you become like a garbage, sorry to say, the other thing that can be hereditary or an illness. You have to find out what undermine you.
@512771751 (1096)
• China
30 Jul 12
It is bad to have hair loss. Some people tell me that ginger is good for hair loss. So you can use shampoo with ginger in.
@Axai2012 (371)
30 Jul 12
Coping with the loss of hair maybe difficult for some because there is no assurance of the effectiveness of treatments. Self-confidence may be affected but there are ways to boost it by focusing on other aspects of their life.
@bjc66bjc (6745)
• United States
29 Jul 12
Hi bocknoy, you first have to know who are,,,after that it will be easier to deal with hair loss.. I had B R E A S T Cancer and all my hair fell out,,every strand my eyebrows my eye lashes, did I day "every strand gone",,, It wasn't until that time that made me think, " JUST SAVE MY LIFE, I CAN LIVE WITHOUR HAIR"...after that time I was so beautiful without any hair....I still had life...Thank you GOD!!!! We need to believe in ourselves, who we are, looking good is great but at any moment that outter surface could be altered, then what?... Love who we are and if we do that no one and nothing can take away your beauty or character.. good luck to you...remember you are who you are...charish yourself...