How Is Their Newer Stuff?

United States
July 29, 2012 8:20pm CST
Okay so I am a pretty big fan of their first album. Ever since I heard their second album it's been very..slipping to listen to their newer stuff. Though I may be wrong it seems like the more stuff they produced the worse it got. So how is their newer stuff? Any songs you recommend?
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18 Aug 12
I love their newest eponymous album. It is their best. My Heart Is Broken and The Other Side are amazing. And if you purchase the deluxe edition, the track Secret Door is classic Amy Lee at her best. Very haunting.
2 Aug 12
To be perfectly honest, I'm a big fan of evanescence but they do seem to fluctuate. I mean, they have had some amazing songs (bring me to life, going under, what you want) but then they have had some less brilliant songs XD. It all depends what music you prefer as some of their stuff is more upbeat than others. If you're not a fan of slow/depressing songs then half of their tracks are out straight away, but if you'd rather listen to those than anything upbeat then the opposite half are out. You really have to find a balance with evanscence.