why the wwe title and heavy weight title did not change hand for so long?

July 30, 2012 6:29am CST
hi friends. seems punk has been creating records for holding the title for more than 230 days and sheamus doesn't even look like losing his title ever since wrestlemania. is wwe lacking in contendors to hold the championship? i mean cmpunk and bryan was good but it gets boring when in the end its always punk emerging as winner. same with del rio and sheamus. these guys are good enough to fight for the championship on back to back ppv but not good enough to capture the title? is there no one on the current roster qualified to hold these belts other than punk,sheamus and cena?
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@allen0187 (34433)
• Philippines
31 Jul 12
hi stardustcdsd. how have you been my friend? its been awhile since i saw you here in mylot. i'm glad you started another discussion in one of our favorite interest - the wwe. lol! anyway, i don't think that at this time, the changing of titles will happen so fast. i think both cm punk and sheamus are doing a good job as champions. cm punk it seems will be defending the title against the rock in the upcoming pay per views. not sure how long the feud will last but i don't mind seeing a cm punk-the rock match wrestlemania. although, based on all previous events, we will have a john cena-the rock part two. honestly, between a match between cena-rock and punk-rock, i'd rather have a punk-rock match. better yet, let's have a triple threat match for the title at wrestlemania between cena, punk, and rock. not sure how will that go about. i'll leave it to the able hands of the wwe creative team. as for sheamus, let me first say that i'm pleasantly surprised with sheamus' baby face turn. i'll admit though that i prefer him as a heel. in fact back then, when he first appeared at about the same time with drew mcintyre, i had thought of a feud between 'foreign' superstars over their 'local' counterparts. imagine a team of 'foreign' heels made up of sheamus, drew mcintyre, antonio cesaro, alberto del rio, jinder mahal, the black sin cara, hunico, epico, and lord tensai (i know that lord tensai is prince albert and most likely american as well but you get my drift) among others. they'll go up against a team of 'local' superstars. i'll leave it up to you who to put there. i think john cena needs to be there as he is as american as as they come. the rock can be there as well plus perhaps cm punk and even triple h. for an added flavor, wwe legends like hacksaw jim duggan and sgt. slaughter can be included in the group as well. for a twist, the wwe can also come up with a 'friendly foreign' team of wwe superstars as well. we can add santino morella, yoshi tatsu, and great khali in the team. not sure who else to put there though. about your last question, i definitely think that there are other deserving superstars in the roster to hold the title. i think christian, dolph ziggler, alberto del rio, and even lord tensai can be good champions. even cody rhodes can be a champion as well same thing with the miz. for nostalgia i'd want to see kane, taker, and even randy orton hold their show's respective championship belts. one superstar who i really want to see come into his own and be a multiple champion holder is wade barrett. cheers and happy mylotting!!!