In love with two people at the same time

July 30, 2012 7:25am CST
is it possibe for a person to be in love with 2 people at the same time, a few years back a friend of mine had this problem, there was this one girl he had a very long distance relationship with, they had never met but he was very interested in her and they used to Skype all night long. this friend of mine had been in a very bad relationship in the past, he used to love this girl who left him and didn't tell why she left him, he was very depressed for a while and after a time he just stopped searching for her and moved on and in a few years he met this girl online and he was very into her. then things went sour, a few months into this new relationship the old girl just suddenly came back, and wanted to be with him, he was caught up in all those old emotions, and went basically berserk, first he got mad at that old girl, then he broke it off with the new girl, then he got back with her and then said bad things to the old girl. in the end both the girls left, and he was left all alone, i wonder sometimes if i were in his place what i would have done, but since i have never been in a situation like that i don't know what i would do, what do you guys think, have any of you been in a situation like this ??? what do you think you would have done faced with a situation like this.
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@silverfox09 (4727)
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31 Jul 12
I strongly believe it is possible but it must be so hard . I feel so sorry for your friend I can only imagine what he may be going through , its easy for someone like me looking in to say I would just stay with the new person because that other person broke my heart . When your put in that situation it will be all kinda emotion running wild . If he cant make up is mind and keep switching girls he should see it coming that they both may leave him .
30 Jul 12
It's a very complicated answer. I think it depends a lot on if you feel you KNOW what being in love is. We all have different opinions on what love is. Many people cant even answer what is love. Then you have the issue of love and being in love. you can love many people at once. but to answer your question can you be IN love with two people, i dont see why not, though I guess there would always be one that you are slightly more in love with. The moral issue is not being in love with two people, so I see no need to harp on about rights and wrongs etc.... Love is unique to each of us, some will believe you can only be in love with one person at a time, but I do believ it can be more than one