A single father with 3 kids who no woman will help

United States
July 30, 2012 4:26pm CST
I am a single father with three and most woman are selfish and wont consider coming into my family. I dont know if it is because I have three kids or because I dont make much money but ok 75000 or because im 5'6 very short . Whatever I will keep being me and holding and forget about these selfish woman and be the best writer teaacher i can be.
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@emdjay23 (1575)
• Philippines
30 Jul 12
Having someone who would dedicate their life with their husband now a days is really hard to find.. Sometimes women chooses someone who are single.. I am not saying that there will be no way for you to have a partner in life, but I guess waiting will be the best thing that you can do.. Don't settle for the one who is available but someone who can embrace you for who you are and would accept your kids and love them.. I know that God has so many plans for you, it may not be now but I know soon you'll find the right woman for you..
• United States
3 Aug 12
I may be too choicy also. There are women who like me but i could not tolerate them. This is a key in any relationship. We must inspire each other to do better. She must inspire me and I must inspire her if we cant there is no reason to try. Its hard to find and intelligent woman who can somewhat understand me and likes to travel and likes kids. maybe I have too many qualification but I am also only 5'6 and not rich and most women want a tall man and I dont meet that qualification.