love and trust

LOVE and TRUST - for good health in love,we must have trust with each other..share in bad in every time.Hand in hand in the path of life
@Amil99 (29)
Sri Lanka
July 31, 2012 11:40am CST
love is wonderful can raise your life and in a moment it can stole your whole life...there are plenty of stories in the history who loss their lives for the sake of love..but very few stories known about people who build their life just because to make his/her partner happy...for make love strong there is an essential element,,TRUST...without trusting your partner you cant live happily even for a single moment..for good health in love we must trust our does not mean we should not careful in handling other relationships and giving space to other people to make every time we should give priority to our lovers..sharing caring + TRUST will give you a successful life..:)
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@didi13 (2927)
• Romania
12 Aug 12
Trust is like love. If there inside you, you can show to the others, if any, live in a permanent sense of fear. But what happens when we lose trust in a loved one? All that means trust is deep within our being shaken. And give dozens of battles. They look guilty, is looking for reasons. ... but that's not important. Is important to remember that trust is in us! And no matter how many pairs of boots were paraded our soul, to stay strong, to manifest love, trust, gratitude towards ourselves and towards others. We feel deceived, betrayed, we can not understand why, but all have a purpose! For, whatever we may happen is just a new lesson ...
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@jakie18 (229)
• Philippines
11 Aug 12
Love, trust and respect should always go together. With this we can have a peaceful life with our love ones. We should always let the communications open and give each other a chance to explain when times get rough. We should also give our love ones a time for himself alone so that he will not lose his identity because sometimes when you are too focused to each other you learn to adopt each others qualities that sometimes you forgot who is the real you. We should also understand each other's sentiments. Love is a two-way street, a give and take. It's not just all about you or all about him.
@yuekim123 (161)
• Philippines
1 Aug 12
Indeed, trust is a very essential element for a genuine and fruitful relationship; it should not be lost :)
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@ajithlal (14569)
• India
23 Aug 12
Yes love is a wonderful feeling in the world . Love is strongly emotional feeling in life . Love & trust is the foundation of family life .