Oh Oh Oh,,,,, I got it! What's up with Phyllis and her "secrets" on Y & R

@coffeebreak (17820)
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July 31, 2012 5:51pm CST
Phyllis is constanting not telling her secrets and constantly evading the issue and explanations.....And today with Dr Reid NOT squealing on Phyllis but pleading confidentiality and all...why would he be covering for Phyllis? Why would he be keeping her secrets when it was her that trashed his life and career? It just hit me today.... Y&R being famous for multiple story lines at once and them being really intriguing.... What if....what if.... Phyllis is NOT really PHYLLIS!!!?!?? What if the Phyllis we see is not really Phyllis that we think is the Phyllis we know? Few years ago...Daisy's mother cloned herself to look just like Phyllis and caused a bunch of trouble in GC...and didn't the "real" Phyllss kill her ...or at least that is what they lead us to believe? And then her sister cloned herself as Lauren just year or two ago and came back and that was when Daisy was "introduced"? What if this Phyllis that we know now...is really the clone Phyllis of yesteryear...and that is what Dr Reid knows and doesn't want to say for some intriguing reason? What if the Phyllis that did the hit and run on P and C...was really the clone Phyllis and somehow she can't admit to that for fear of revealing her true identity of being the clone Phyllis? What do you want to bet one of these days in the next month of so...we see a chilling scene (on the friday of a 3 day weekend of course!) of a woman all dirty and decrepid and in captivity, suddenly coming to life or opening her eyes or something like that and this broken down face turns... and it is Phyllis!!! It has to be something like this.. how else are they going to clear Phyllis of everything...as they always do!?!?!? Have to have someone to "blame" it on..so...it has to be someone other than Phyllis unless they are going to defunk that character! Got any ideas?
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@stealthy (8188)
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1 Aug 12
I don't think that is the case. Tim Reid wants something from Phyllis which I suspect will come out on Thurs. when she meets with him. A meeting that she is once again keeping secret from Nick.
@coffeebreak (17820)
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2 Aug 12
There's definately something there...he is SO cool, calm and collected! And Phyllis is not saying anything either... It just better be earth shattering!!!! Yeah, one more secret and I think Nick will have his fill. And Avery..she might to.